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No Two Websites Are The Same

We combine luxury with convenience. Our powerful yet easy-to-use websites are your stylish assistant helping with organizing guest lists, communicating updates, even letting people know what the weather will be like on your big day. It’s a place of community for you to share with your friends and family all the details leading up to your walk down the aisle. And, with a Veil website, you can keep updating it long after the wedding day is over because the site is yours to keep. Forever or as long as you both shall live.


Redefining Weddings

When it comes to your wedding you want every detail luxurious and perfect. Especially when it comes to the website you choose. Veil wedding templates will 'wow' your guests putting you ahead of the aisle when it comes to announcing your big day. 



Special features and apps make your wedding planning smoother, more efficient and less expensive. We also include interactive functions that add to the uniqueness of your site. Just scroll over each icon to the right to see what happens.

Custom Themes

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